YouTube Workout Videos

When I started this blog, I posted a workout video each day.  The criteria that I used to select each video was simple- it must be fun, motivating, easy to do, and........of course something that will help us all get closer to the skinny chick (or guy) inside of us.

Because I am no longer able to post new videos each day, I decided to archive all of the past videos on this page and update each time I discover another great video on YouTube.

Each video is sorted by Workout type. (last updated 7/26/2011)

Ab Workout

Description- A 10 minute intense ab workout.

Description: 8 minute abdominal workout.  

Description- Another great ab workout that will help to get your body toned for the summer.

Description- This workout can be done at home without any exercise equipment.  

Description- A simple routine that will help get your heart pumping.

Description- A great 10 minute kick-boxing routine that will get your heat pumping.  Not quite an ab workout, but lol..............

Aerobic Dance Workout

Description:  9 minute long quick and fun workout.

Description- A high energy and fun dance workout.

Description- A video focusing on working out the core which will help to give you a flat stomach and defined abs. 

Description- Zumba! This video  features some moves that you can add to your own aerobic dance routine.  Unfortunately, there really isn't much instruction given in this video but it still is something fun to follow while you are working out at home.

Description- A power aerobic workout.  The video is fairly short, but you can always use it for a quick workout to get your heat pumping or incorporate the moves into your own routine. 

Arm Workout

Description- Great arm workout without the need for expensive equipment.

Description- Another short and great arm workout video.

Description- I like this video because the woman in it is using small weights and this is a workout that can be quickly done at home.

Lower Body

Description- 12 minutes long video focusing on toning the legs and thighs.

Description- 7 minutes long high impact workout that will having the bum toned just in time for swimsuit season. 

Description- A thigh workout that will help to slim your legs and thighs.

Description- A 5 minute workout that will help to get your legs toned in time for the summer.

Description- A video focusing on toning the legs using resistance bands.  

Description- A seated calf raise exercise that you can add to your workout routine.  

Description- Another calf exercise video.  Although the video is super short, it still has a lot of great moves in it that you can incorporate into your workout routine.  

Description- 3 exercises to help tone the bum.  Although the video is super short, it still has a lot of great moves in it that you can incorporate into your workout routine.  

Stability Ball

Description- 4 minute long stability ball workout. 

Description- A video focusing on a variety of exercises that you can do with a stability ball.  I love this video because it is very direct and to the point.


Description- A beginner Pilates workout.  

Description- A Pilates ab workout that will give you a great workout.

Description- Another great Pilates workout.  The great thing about this video is that it's a full body workout.


Description- A great jump rope circuit routine to get the heart pumping.

Description- 3 minutes long video showcasing a variety of different warm ups 

Description- A great video that will help to stretch your muscles and increase your flexibility.

Description- Here is another stretching/flexibility video that demonstrates 6 different stretches that you can add to your workout routine.


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