Shake Off Those Couch Crumbs

Remember the old Everest College commercial where the guy points at the camera and says "hey you- the one on the couch- why don't you get up and do something with your life" (or something like that).  That's how I feel today.  It has been forever and a day (perhaps more like a year or so) since I posted anything on this blog and for the most part my goals are still the same as when I started my journey.  I want to be healthy...I want to be in shape....I'm still working on losing weight.

inspirational quote lose weight no matter how slow you go lapping everybody on the couch

The truth is that weight loss is never easy.  There will always be something in our lives- children, family, or work- that will kept us on the proverbial couch.  No one can make us get up until we are ready.  My challenge to everyone reading this post and myself is to get up off the couch today and do SOMETHING beneficial for your health.

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