Quick Challenge Update, Wendy's, and Other Random Thoughts

Just checking in with an update (:  Today is Day 5 and so far everything has been going well.  I have been drinking more water and moving more at work on the days when I'm not able to workout.  I have over a week until my first weigh in and I'm hoping that I will lose at least 5 pounds.

wendy.jpg (329×306)

Apparently Wendy's has an age limit or weight limit on their Kid's Meals because I was interrogated a few days ago after I ordered one.  Usually I try to eat before I leave the house but I decided to grab something to eat with my mom.  Literally the girl at the register gave me a crazy look and asked me if I was serious and if I wanted the small drink that came with the meal.  It was kind of ridiculous/funny the way her demeanor changed once I explained that I was cutting calories (I know Wendy's sells salads lol) and I was going to drink water as a refill after I finished the small sweet tea. I'm actually proud of myself because I've been trying to make better choices about what I eat and usually I just drink water when I'm craving something to eat even though I'm not really hungry.

That's all for me.  Happy Labor Day and don't eat too much barbecue!


  1. Wow they are so used to people wanting the biggest size and they are shocked because your one of few who actually want to eat a normal serving size. Good job getting back on track.


  2. I'm trying. It was just sort of ridiculous at the time that I had to explain about what I was ordering lol. I'm trying to step my cooking game up now so I don't have to be interrogated at fast food restaurants.



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