How much do you weigh?

How much do you weigh?  Seriously tell me.  I'm not trying to be funny.  I was just wondering...

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I hate this question, especially when someone I'm not very close with asks me.  I feel like I'm always ducking and dodging or attempting to change the subject.  Even worse, I hate when someone tells me their weight and then asks me mine.  It's not like I'm living in denial, I just don't feel like sharing when my weight is something I am working on.  I think most of my problem stems from elementary school and P.E.  I was always shorter and slightly heavier than the other kids and it would be so embarrassing having to weigh-in in front of everyone else.

I digress.

So a few days ago a coworker asked me this question and I didn't know how to respond.  I have a friend who chooses to wiggle and squeeze into clothing that is a few sizes too small for her because she refuses to accept the size that she actually wears.  While I do buy clothing that fits, the conversation that I had with my coworker had me thinking about some of the issues that I still have with my weight.

What do you think?


  1. I feel like its none of people's business and is quite informal. It's just really uncomfortable, I really agree with you.

    Great blog can't wait to

    your new follower


  2. I understand how you feel and I hate that question also. When I get asked that I can not help but get irritated because it is no one's business.

    She cleary does not know how to strike up conversation because there was no reason for her saying that. You are not like her friend so I do not see the correlation. I feel the same way when I am in certain situations of my skinny friends talking about how fat they are and then ask what size are you or how much do you weigh lol awkward


  3. I hate it too, and truth be told it has nothing to do with me being overweight now. Even when I lost weight and was BELOW my goal, I didn't really appreciate the question. At 130 lbs I was a size 6 (5'3") and when I did divulge my weight ppl were like OH I THOUGHT U WERE SMALLER. :-/ My goal is 135-144 and a size 8. Yet you think I should weigh LESS???? So no I don't think its all about being insecure, its just a very personal question like asking "How much do you make?" I'm never going to answer that either!

  4. The thing that bothers me the most is when I am shopping with some of my friends and they pick out something for me and I tell them I can't wear something sizewise and they act like I'm lying. Lol even though I know my friends are coming from a good place and I still think to myself that I know what size I wear and chances are I'm not fitting into a size L top from the Body Shop.



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