Day 15 40 Pounds in 4 Months Challenge Update

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Today is my first weigh in of this challenge and before actually stepping on the scale I was a bit nervous and excited. Everything so far has been going good for me.  I'm still working two jobs and doing my best to watch what I eat.  A few days ago I stopped by the grocery store and picked up a few items for my meals for this week.

Usually I sort of end up settling for a microwaveable meals but this time I decided not to purchase any in order to force myself to cook.  I cooked some some garlic roasted mash potatoes and grilled pork chops for lunch at work (I also made one of those quick and easy banana pudding but it was more of a for the family type of thing than myself) on Monday night, a grilled (George Foreman) hamburger and a cup of all natural yogurt on Tuesday, and grilled chicken breast with stir fry noodles for Wednesday night.

As I've mentioned before, when it comes to cooking I would described myself as....inexperienced.  There are some meals that I can cook for myself but to be honest I have never really had any interest  in cooking until fairly recently.

On to the results..........................................

So I stepped on the scale half expecting not to lose anything and I am still shocked that I have lost 10 pounds.  To be honest I don't see any difference but my mom did say a few days ago that I am looking like I am losing weight.  I haven't been able to work out as much as I want lately but I do a lot of walking at work and I try to stay very active.  Another thing that has been helping me is that I drink a lot of water.

Since I will be working mostly 3rd shift for the next two weeks, I plan on exercising before work since it might yield me some more energy on those nights when I work 3rd shift.



  1. yay congrads www.tinadivatv.blogspot.com

    your blog is saying under my account I can not comment.

  2. yay congrads


    *disreguard first post I had to fix the settings lol

  3. Omg! Wow that is awesome! Congrats!!!

  4. Thank you! I still don't believe it myself. I have weighed myself two more times just to make sure. I think it was mostly water weight but I won't complain.



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