Starting over at Zero

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I have done a few challenges on this blog.  One of the reasons why I like them is they help to push me to do more.  I have been thinking about it for the past week on what kind or type of challenge I should do.  A few things came to mind but right now I realize that the best way for me to get started again is to get real with myself and start over again at zero pounds lost.

Tomorrow I will post the details of my new challenge.  One of the things that I like about this one is that it is more long term and I plan on doing more than just exercising.  I picked up a book a few days ago that focuses on the emotional and mental aspects of weight loss.  It includes two motivational CDS as well as a bunch of worksheets and daily logs.  

I plan on documenting my progress on Sparkpeople as well on this blog (I will update with the URL to my SparkPage) to give myself some accountability.  Hopefully I will be able to reach my goals in order to start the new year out right (hint lol).



  1. But why are you starting over at 0?

  2. I just feel like I have had so many setbacks that starting over fresh with a new goal would help rather than me focusing on how much I haven't lost or how I'm not where I thought I would be.

    Sidenote: I love your hair in your AVI.

  3. Ahhhh understood. ;)

    And thank you!



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