40 pounds in 4 Months Challenge Starts Tomorrow

This year  has went by fast.  Only four months left until 2012...

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I tend to be a very practical person, especially when it comes to weight loss, but I decided that I want to do a challenge that would be....challenging and something that would help to jumpstart 2012.  Everything has been going great for me during the past few months and the only thing left that I haven't accomplished yet involves my weight.  I turn 25 around the end of September and I have decided to challenge myself to lose 40 pounds by the beginning of next year.

This challenge is long term so I want to keep the rules flexible.  So far these are my plans:

1.) Weigh in 2x a month (I already have my starting weight and I will weigh myself at the middle and the end of this month).

2.)  Keep a journal of the good, bad, and ugly.  (Right now I'm still working two jobs, but the weight loss book that I am currently reading has a bunch of forms included in it.  I made a few copies of the daily food journals as well as the emotional eating diaries although most of the time I eat when I am hungry.)

3.) Dust off the pots and pans and actually start cooking my food again.  (This was something that helped me before and I plan on doing it again.  Taking my lunch really isn't a problem at either one of the jobs that I work so I plan on preparing a few healthy options for me to eat while I am at work.)

I plan on posting my goals for each month sort of like some of my favorite hair bloggers do for their monthly hair goals as well as a few weekly recaps.  I plan on doing the standard exercise and eat right method of weight loss but if I decide to experiment with something different I will post the results.


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