40 pounds in 4 Months Challenge Starts Tomorrow

This year  has went by fast.  Only four months left until 2012...

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I tend to be a very practical person, especially when it comes to weight loss, but I decided that I want to do a challenge that would be....challenging and something that would help to jumpstart 2012.  Everything has been going great for me during the past few months and the only thing left that I haven't accomplished yet involves my weight.  I turn 25 around the end of September and I have decided to challenge myself to lose 40 pounds by the beginning of next year.

This challenge is long term so I want to keep the rules flexible.  So far these are my plans:


Quote of the Day

I am a major procrastinator.  Sometimes it feels like everything that I do is at the last minute.  Even when it comes to exercising sometimes, I tell myself tomorrow but tomorrow ends up being the next and eventually whenever. 

I like this quote because it serves as a great reminder that it is never to late to do anything and even if things right now are not how I want them to be, it still is not too late for me to create my own destiny.  


Quote of the Day

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This quote is a bit corny but it is definitely very true.  I know a lot of people who deprive themselves of so many things while they wait for their life to get better.  To be honest I've done it before too.  I have a few things in my closet that I refuse to give away because I dream of fitting into it again one day.  I also tell myself that I'll go shopping for (fill in the blank) after I lose a certain amount of weight or I fit into a certain size.

I have struggled with my weight since I was a small child so I know that any amount of weight that I lose is only going to be a temporary fix.  I am going to have to continue to exercise and watch what I eat (and the portions of the food) in order for me to maintain my weight.
Realistically speaking, change does not happen overnight and it's pointless (and potentially mentally damaging) for me to deprive myself of a new outfit because I am not physically where I want to be.  This does not mean that I should allow myself to indulge in food, but I do think that it's okay for me to reward myself occasionally during my weight loss journey.

What do you think?


Quote of the Day

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I saw this quote on SparkPeople and I decided to share.  When it comes to weight loss or any other type of lifestyle change, they both require a daily commitment to ones goals.  I work at a treatment facility where there are a lot of people there struggling to change themselves.  A lot of times my clients vent to me about their frustrations and usually I tell them one of the following: 1) remind yourself why you are attempting to change 2) realize that it is not going to be easy and that there will be times when things may not go as you plan 3) understand that some of the most worthwhile things in life are not the easiest to attain.

Although my weight loss journey/struggle is not quite the same as the issues they are struggling with, I still believe that my advice is just as relevant to them as it is to myself.



Starting over at Zero

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I have done a few challenges on this blog.  One of the reasons why I like them is they help to push me to do more.  I have been thinking about it for the past week on what kind or type of challenge I should do.  A few things came to mind but right now I realize that the best way for me to get started again is to get real with myself and start over again at zero pounds lost.

Tomorrow I will post the details of my new challenge.  One of the things that I like about this one is that it is more long term and I plan on doing more than just exercising.  I picked up a book a few days ago that focuses on the emotional and mental aspects of weight loss.  It includes two motivational CDS as well as a bunch of worksheets and daily logs.  

I plan on documenting my progress on Sparkpeople as well on this blog (I will update with the URL to my SparkPage) to give myself some accountability.  Hopefully I will be able to reach my goals in order to start the new year out right (hint lol).




It's been a while since I posted anything.  For the past month or so, I have been working two jobs which has left me with little time to do anything else.  The good thing is that I do enjoy both of the jobs that I have but unfortunately my choices when it comes to food have been okay at best- mostly processed or prepackaged food (not good I know).

I started this blog months ago because I was determined to lose weight.  I still am although I know it is not going to be as easy as it was before when I was not working.  I plan on doing some updates/maintenance to this blog over the week and starting over with a new plan and new goal.  

I really want to express how much I appreciate readers, followers, and everyone who has taken the time to comment.  I also want to give a shout out to TinaDivaTV and all of the ladies in the BlackHairMedia (BHM)Summer Shape Up Challenge since I feel that I would not have been able to make the progress that I did make without them!



YouTube Workout of the Day #32

Who says that push ups have to be boring?  I saw this video on YouTube and I think it's perfect for anyone who is looking for more challenging exercises to integrate into their routine.  I don't think I'm at the point yet to be trying all of these moves, but I figured it would be good to share. I also love how intense this guy is in the video.


Fitness Goals for August

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This past month I feel like I became sidetracked.   I don't know what anyone else's fitness plan for the month of August is, but mine includes more accountability and weight loss.

Instead of coming up with a long list of fitness goals that might be impossible for me to achieve, I plan on sticking to the basics- exercise, eat less junk/more healthier foods, and drink water.  These were the simple things that I did early on in my weight loss journey that worked for me.

I plan on starting out this week with 8 glasses of water and gradually increasing the amount of water that I drink during the month.  I also want to take the same approach with my exercise routine.  I'm going to start out with 30 minutes at least 3 times this week and also increase it during the month.

Food wise, I think the biggest thing I need to do is track what I eat.  I hate the extra amount of time that is involved with it but quite honestly websites like Calorie Counter are great tools that I know I should be utilizing instead of "guessing."

Even though I hate the idea of weekly weighs-ins, I feel like looking at the scale might become an even bigger motivator for me. I plan on weighing in later on this morning and doing my weigh-ins every Sunday night when I get off of work (well technically I get off at 12 a.m. on Monday) to get a good measurement of my weight.  My goal this month is to lose at least 5 pounds.

I'll post more specific details later, but so far this is my plan for Week 1:

  • Drink 8 glasses of water each day (no exception....seriously).
  • Exercise 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes.
  • Write down everything I eat.  Next week I am going to focus on eating within a specific calorie range, but this week I want to see exactly how many calories I have been eating lately.  

I refuse to have any setbacks this month.


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