Website of the Week #4: Jimmy Moore's Livin' La Vida Low Carb Menus

It has been a while since I last posted a website of the week, but I wanted to share this blog in case anyone is interested in low carb eating/meal ideas.

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Overview:   I will be honest and say I love carbs- breads, pasta, rice- YUMMY- but I know they are not good for me or my waist line.  Early  in my weight loss journey I realized that I would have to cut my intake of these foods if I wanted to lose weight. But I didn't want to go on a diet like Atkins for three reasons: 1) I normally do not eat a lot of meat. 2) Doing any type of extreme "gimmick" diet is not something I envision myself doing for the rest of my life.  3) I am not very creative when it comes to cooking and coming up with meal ideas.  Anyway, I came across this blog and quickly bookmarked it (lol before the days of my blogger/reader subscriptions).

Positives:  Jim Moore, the creator of this blog, has not only lost over 180 pounds but he has successfully kept the weight off years later.  His blog is updated daily and it features his low carb menus for each day.  I think this is a great blog for anyone who ever ponders the question "What am I going to eat today?"  You can scroll through the list of menus from the past week or even back to December 2007 when the blog was first created.

Negatives:  This website has changed a lot since I first visited it.  There are a lot of ads and etc. going on the main page but it still is very informative.

You'll love this website if........… you are attempting to reduce the amount of carbs you eat and are looking for a bit of inspiration and meal ideas.

(This is a link to the menu archives.  I decided to post it instead of the main link since it allows you to sort through the menus by each month.)

(This is a link to the website's forum.  It has a lot of helpful information and advice for anyone starting out on low carb eating or trying to maintain it.)

What do you think?  Share some of your favorite websites, blogs, and/or YouTubers.

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  1. THANKS for the shout out about my menus blog! :)



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