June 30 Day Fitness Workout Challenge: Week 4 Workout Plan

This month is going by so fast for me.  The end of the month weigh in is quickly approaching and sadly I'm already thinking about next month's fitness challenge (any suggestions?).  Last week I did a "free style" workout plan.  I like having the flexibility that it provides so I think I'm going to do that once again this week.  It has been a while since I incorporated weight training consistently in my workouts so I am going to try to include it as well.

Although I know that I have been losing weight, I still haven't noticed a big difference yet physically.  I love the fact that I have more energy now.  My eating habits have also improved a lot and the majority of the foods that I eat are home cooked (I would share recipes but cooking is definitely not my talent).

Anyway, I want to thank everyone who is participating in this month's challenge with me and everyone who has stopped by and/or commented.  I really appreciate it and this blog is helping me to stay motivated!


  1. What do you think your next step will be after reaching your goal weight? After I get down to 160 I'm looking to tone up and get some abs!

    Also, check out http://before-afters.tumblr.com for some weight loss inspiration!

  2. You know I haven't completely thought of it yet- definitely doing more area specific toning so I can be ready for next summer. I'm trying to get at the point where working out and eating right is a permanent part of my lifestyle so I won't have to work as to maintain.

    Thanks for the link too. It really is inspiring to look at how big of a tranformation some people make. My birthday is in September and I'm hoping to be able to surprise everyone.



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