June 2011 30 Day Fitness Challenge Week 1 Workout Schedule and Day 1 and 2 Recap

So far I have had a great start with this challenge.  I feel umm...sore but in a good way and hopefully my efforts with pay off at the end of the challenge.  Initially I wasn't going to do a workout schedule, but I think it helps me to plan everything ahead of time.  It eliminates the chances of me scrambling to find something to do to at the last minute.  I also like to schedule in my rest days to since they are something to look forward to.  This week I'm trying something new by doing a Yoga or Pilates workout on my rest days.  I've done the Denise Austin  Power Yoga Workout before and it gives the body a GREAT stretch.

Week 1 Workout Schedule
Day 1 (Wednesday) Shaun T Hip Hop Abs Fat Burning Cardio (30 minutes)
Day 2 (Thursday) Tae Bo Cardio Workout (44 minutes)
Day 3 (Friday) Rest Day [Denise Austin Power Yoga (20 minutes)]
Day 4 (Saturday) Turbo Jam Punch, Kick, and Jam (50 minutes)
Day 5 (Sunday) Tae Bo Capture the Power Strength Workout (46 minutes)
Day 6 (Monday) Rest Day [Denise Austin Power Pilates (20 minutes)
Day 7 (Tuesday) Mini Stepper (35 minutes)

Day 1 & 2 Recap
It has been forever since I did a Hip Hop Abs workout.  At first I wasn't really into it so I decided to put on some Beyonce (it helps to drown out the Shaun T) and I ended up having a pretty good workout.  My stomach is still a bit sore (not in a bad way though since I can tell it was from working out my core).   I do plan on working out some more to Hip Hop Abs since it is fun compared to a lot of the workouts that I have tried in the past.

Today I did the Tae Bo Cardio Workout.  I will admit it- I like Tae Bo.  It always gives me a great workout and it the intensity is always there.  I hate wasting my time exercising to 30 or 40 video where I don't feel any impact (I judge my workouts by how hard my heart pumps and how much I sweat) even though I know I worked hard.  For the most part, Tae Bo never disappoints me.   I'm not sure if it was because it's been a while since I did this video or what, but it definitely challenged me today.  Looking forward to my rest day tomorrow.

Feel free to comment below and share your progress this month.

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