June 2011 30 Day Fitness Challenge: Day 15- Day 21

I hope everyone is doing great.  Today is Tuesday and once again time for me to post my exercise journal updates for the past week (Week 3).  Tomorrow I will post my workout schedule for the last week in this month's challenge.

Day 15 (Wednesday)- Tae Bo Inspirational Workout
Day 16 (Thursday)- 30 minute walk at local trail
Day 17 (Friday)- Rest Day
Day 18 (Saturday)- Hip Hop Abs Total Body Burn
Day 19 (Sunday)- 30 minutes aerobic stepper
Day 20 (Monday)- Rest Day
Day 21 (Tuesday)-  Denise Austin Kickboxing

Nothing exciting happened this week to be honest.  I definitely enjoyed exercising outside on Thursday although it started to get a little hot.  This week I plan on dusting off the pedometer that I purchased a few weeks ago.



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  2. Hey girl is that Denise Kickboxing workout like Taebo? I am looking for another workout.


  3. It does remind me of Tae Bo to be honest. I like working out to it on those days when I need a little motivation and I like the energy that Denise Austin has although I don't think it's as good as Tae Bo.

  4. Hi Curliebelle, thank you so much for the congrats and for stopping by. I appreciate it. I am really enjoying your motivation and fitness tips!

  5. Thank you so much Blessed Tresses.

  6. Oh ok I guess I will stick with Taebo then thanks lol




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