Happy Friday and a Quick Weekly Recap

This week has been super busy for me....which I know is no reason to let exercising take a back seat.  I was helping a friend move Wednesday and for some reason I decided that my 5' 3" self was superwoman.....I hoped on the back of her Explorer to help with tying down a mattress and.....FELL....on the hard cement.

I think my ego was hurt more than anything else.  (Note to self: flip flops and long pants= bad.)  My wrist is still slightly swollen and a bit sore. Needless to say, exercising has taken a back seat the last two days for me although I've been doing my best to continue eating healthy.

Today I plan on catching up on my exercise especially because Day 15 is not that far away.

Good luck to everyone who is participating and I hope that you are all doing great!  Have a fabulous Friday!


  1. Aw! :(

    Since you can't do cardio, you can do abs instead. Try keeping your stomach sucked in as the day goes on to get a good ab workout. Tina Turner said that's her secret to her super flat tummy. :)

  2. Thank you (: I have definitely learned my lesson to think more before I attempt to do certain things. I hope your week has been good KayTee!

    It's hot where I live so I already feel like I'm getting some type of sauna workout whenever I have the air off lol. I babysit my nephew on the weekends so I already get a great cardio workout.

  3. Check-in is today! Check out my blog for my post. :)



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