Another week (sort of) starts

Today is Monday....2 days before the mid month weigh in..... and I honestly have no idea what to expect.  This past week I fell off a bit- but I'm still motivated.  The motto of my blog and healthy lifestyle journey is that tomorrow is another day and no matter what I try to do the best that I can.

It's smokin' hot outside today so I decided to opt for an early morning kick boxing workout.  Wednesday starts Week 3 for me but I plan on building momentum before Wednesday.  I've actually avoided hopping on and off the scale everyday this month so I honestly don't have an idea if I have lost or maintained my weight. I decided to hop on the scale a bit early and see and it looks like I have lost some weight.

Tomorrow I plan on posting my cheat sheet of 100 calorie of less summer sweet treats.  I am always searching through Wal-Mart for healthier snacks that also taste good.  While I do avoid sweets and other treats the majority of the time, I still feel like its important for me to exercise self control and satisfy my sweet tooth every once in a while.

Until then,



  1. I hate that I'm too late to join the challenge, but your blog is motivational! Can't wait for you to post those snacks, bc I need some fresh ideas!

  2. ^Never too late! Join up for next month!

    And speaking of healthy snacks, Wheat Thins are my staple. That and my mix of peanuts, raisins, and M&Ms...it's actually a lot less calories than you would think!

  3. @ Kanesha Thank you and it's never to late and you can always follow along to get an early jumpstart for next month.

    @ KayTee That is a great snack idea. And your right- I think sometimes it takes a bit of creativity but there are a lot of great snacks out there that are low in calories.



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