June 2011 Fitness Challenge: RESULTS

Day 30 is here!  This past week I have been doing a lot of working out outside- mostly walking on a local trail with my mom in the morning.  My original goal this month was to lose either 8 or 10 pounds although I did try to be realistic about my expectations.

Before I post my results for this month, I want to give out some quick shout outs to Kaytee (http://hautepinkheels.blogspot.com/) and Naturally Sweet (http://naturalsweetner.blogspot.com)
for participating in the challenge with me!

I'm not sure if I will be doing another "monthly" challenge but I do plan on continuing to workout, eat healthy, and lose weight.

So on Day 15 my weight loss total for the month was 3 pounds.

Day 30 I lost........6 more pounds.

My total for the month is 9 pounds.

Yay Me!


Website of the Week #4: Jimmy Moore's Livin' La Vida Low Carb Menus

It has been a while since I last posted a website of the week, but I wanted to share this blog in case anyone is interested in low carb eating/meal ideas.

272.gif (300×339)

Overview:   I will be honest and say I love carbs- breads, pasta, rice- YUMMY- but I know they are not good for me or my waist line.  Early  in my weight loss journey I realized that I would have to cut my intake of these foods if I wanted to lose weight. But I didn't want to go on a diet like Atkins for three reasons: 1) I normally do not eat a lot of meat. 2) Doing any type of extreme "gimmick" diet is not something I envision myself doing for the rest of my life.  3) I am not very creative when it comes to cooking and coming up with meal ideas.  Anyway, I came across this blog and quickly bookmarked it (lol before the days of my blogger/reader subscriptions).

Positives:  Jim Moore, the creator of this blog, has not only lost over 180 pounds but he has successfully kept the weight off years later.  His blog is updated daily and it features his low carb menus for each day.  I think this is a great blog for anyone who ever ponders the question "What am I going to eat today?"  You can scroll through the list of menus from the past week or even back to December 2007 when the blog was first created.

Negatives:  This website has changed a lot since I first visited it.  There are a lot of ads and etc. going on the main page but it still is very informative.

You'll love this website if........… you are attempting to reduce the amount of carbs you eat and are looking for a bit of inspiration and meal ideas.

(This is a link to the menu archives.  I decided to post it instead of the main link since it allows you to sort through the menus by each month.)

(This is a link to the website's forum.  It has a lot of helpful information and advice for anyone starting out on low carb eating or trying to maintain it.)

What do you think?  Share some of your favorite websites, blogs, and/or YouTubers.


June 30 Day Fitness Workout Challenge: Week 4 Workout Plan

This month is going by so fast for me.  The end of the month weigh in is quickly approaching and sadly I'm already thinking about next month's fitness challenge (any suggestions?).  Last week I did a "free style" workout plan.  I like having the flexibility that it provides so I think I'm going to do that once again this week.  It has been a while since I incorporated weight training consistently in my workouts so I am going to try to include it as well.

Although I know that I have been losing weight, I still haven't noticed a big difference yet physically.  I love the fact that I have more energy now.  My eating habits have also improved a lot and the majority of the foods that I eat are home cooked (I would share recipes but cooking is definitely not my talent).

Anyway, I want to thank everyone who is participating in this month's challenge with me and everyone who has stopped by and/or commented.  I really appreciate it and this blog is helping me to stay motivated!


June 2011 30 Day Fitness Challenge: Day 15- Day 21

I hope everyone is doing great.  Today is Tuesday and once again time for me to post my exercise journal updates for the past week (Week 3).  Tomorrow I will post my workout schedule for the last week in this month's challenge.

Day 15 (Wednesday)- Tae Bo Inspirational Workout
Day 16 (Thursday)- 30 minute walk at local trail
Day 17 (Friday)- Rest Day
Day 18 (Saturday)- Hip Hop Abs Total Body Burn
Day 19 (Sunday)- 30 minutes aerobic stepper
Day 20 (Monday)- Rest Day
Day 21 (Tuesday)-  Denise Austin Kickboxing

Nothing exciting happened this week to be honest.  I definitely enjoyed exercising outside on Thursday although it started to get a little hot.  This week I plan on dusting off the pedometer that I purchased a few weeks ago.



June 2011 30 Day Fitness Challenge: Week 3

Originally I was going to do a workout schedule for this week, but I think I'm going to free style this week and hopefully give my workout videos some rest and do some workouts outdoors (although the temperature where I live in Alabama was 102 degrees yesterday).

..............And the results from my Day 15 Weigh- In:

 Down 3 lbs.

It's not a lot but I'm happy (: I plan to continue full speed ahead.  I hope everyone who is participating in the challenge with me this month is having great results.



Blog Updates and My Randomness

I have a short attention span.......so I decided to do a mini blog update.   I added more Inspirational quotes and (since I apparently forgot) updated the Fitness Challenge page.  By the end of the week, I should have the YouTube Workout Video page updated too.

Tomorrow starts Week 3 for me and it is also the mid month weigh in.  I will post my workout schedule for Week 3 tomorrow since I have spent this past week debating on whether to stay natural, texlax, relax, go to Sally's and stock up on a great heat protector for flat ironing, or just protective style.

I know it's been 18 months since my BC, but I never realized researching relaxers was so stressful...lol.  Maybe because I'm like Spiderman now and the whole "healthy hair care/journey" thing gets my senses tingling.

I digress since this blog is not about hair..............

porkypig.jpg (450×391)

Curlie Belle Cheat Sheet #3: 10 100 Calories or Less Sweet Summer Treats

Disclaimer:  I am not a nutritionist but I am a Skinny Chick in the Making that happens to suffer from a sweet tooth every now and then.  The following list of items are some of the snacks that I have came up with using either my personal experience and/or Calorie Counter to measure the calories.  Some of these snacks are in the "snack pack" variety which I think helps as a starting point when you are trying to master portion control.  

Feel free to add some of your own favorite sweet treats in the comment section.

Frozen Treats

1.  Mars Mini Ice Cream Bars
I spotted these in Wal-Mart a few months ago.  These ice cream bars come in a variety of flavors: Twix, Snickers, and Milky Way (my favorite) to name a few.  Although the amount of calories per bar differs based on the type, the most calories that any bar will have is 90 calories.  My favorite the Milky Way Mini Ice Cream Bar has 80 calories.

2.  Brown Cow Jr. 100 Calorie Ice Cream Bars
Brown cows are my favorite and I think that this lower calorie variety offers a good alternative for me on those rare instances when I am craving one since they are only 100 calories.  I will forewarn anyone considering picking these up that they look like a regular Brown Cow that has been cut in half.  I still love them and my favorite thing to do is share one with my 19 month old nephew.

3.  Snapple Sorbet Bars
These bars really do taste like they're made from the best thing on Earth.  I like these because they are made of natural flavors, no artificial flavors, and 1 bar contains about 27 calories.  All you have to do is stick them in the refrigerator and go.  They are perfect for hot summer days when you want something light and a little sweet.  If you can't find these (which I discovered at Dollar Tree), most of the popsicles I have come across have similar calorie counts or less than 50 calories.

4.  StoneyField Farms Gotta Have Vanilla Frozen Yogurt 
Frozen yogurt offers a great alternative to ice cream since it is much lighter and just as (if not more so) tasty.  This particular product only has 100 calories.

5.  StoneyField Farms After Dark Chocolate Frozen Yogurt 
*See #4 but a 100 calorie treat for the chocolate lovers.

6.  Weight Watchers Virtuous Vanilla and Strawberry Ice Cream
81 calories....ice cream.....need I say more?

Miscellaneous Sweetness 

7.  Weight Watchers Luxurious Chocolate Marshmallow Dessert 
I used to think that pre- packaged diet food tasted....not good lol. But I'm learning that I was wrong and they offer another option to satisfy a sweet tooth for under 100 calories (97 calories to be exact).

8.  Healthy Harvest Granny Smith Apple Sauce
Sometimes I prefer to eat something that it is not as overtly sweet.  I know that apple sauces is a bit ol' skool, but at only 50 calories in one serving, I am loving this Vitamin C filled treat.

9.  Oreo 100 Calorie Thin Snack Pack
I think that the snack pack varieties are a good option for people who are just starting out on their weight loss journey or for anyone who wants a "pre portion controlled" snack that is only 100 calories.  I listed the Oreo Cookie pack but there are also Chocolate Chip Cookie and other flavors available.

10.  McDonald's Calories in Apple Dippers with Low Fat Caramel Dip
Although I like to avoid fast food restaurants, I also love having an option of a snack I can grab whenever I am out running errands or shopping.  These apple dippers with caramel (yummy) only have 100 Calories.

Next week I plan on posting some healthy (as in nutrients and etc. w/ no Cookie Monster graphic) mix and match snack ideas that are less than 300 calories (which is my snack goal amount on SparkPeople).


Another week (sort of) starts

Today is Monday....2 days before the mid month weigh in..... and I honestly have no idea what to expect.  This past week I fell off a bit- but I'm still motivated.  The motto of my blog and healthy lifestyle journey is that tomorrow is another day and no matter what I try to do the best that I can.

It's smokin' hot outside today so I decided to opt for an early morning kick boxing workout.  Wednesday starts Week 3 for me but I plan on building momentum before Wednesday.  I've actually avoided hopping on and off the scale everyday this month so I honestly don't have an idea if I have lost or maintained my weight. I decided to hop on the scale a bit early and see and it looks like I have lost some weight.

Tomorrow I plan on posting my cheat sheet of 100 calorie of less summer sweet treats.  I am always searching through Wal-Mart for healthier snacks that also taste good.  While I do avoid sweets and other treats the majority of the time, I still feel like its important for me to exercise self control and satisfy my sweet tooth every once in a while.

Until then,



Happy Friday and a Quick Weekly Recap

This week has been super busy for me....which I know is no reason to let exercising take a back seat.  I was helping a friend move Wednesday and for some reason I decided that my 5' 3" self was superwoman.....I hoped on the back of her Explorer to help with tying down a mattress and.....FELL....on the hard cement.

I think my ego was hurt more than anything else.  (Note to self: flip flops and long pants= bad.)  My wrist is still slightly swollen and a bit sore. Needless to say, exercising has taken a back seat the last two days for me although I've been doing my best to continue eating healthy.

Today I plan on catching up on my exercise especially because Day 15 is not that far away.

Good luck to everyone who is participating and I hope that you are all doing great!  Have a fabulous Friday!


June 2011 30 Day Fitness Challenge Week 2 Workout Schedule

I hope everyone who has decided to do their own challenge is doing well.  Here is my workout schedule for the next 7 days.

Week 2 Workout Schedule
Day 8 (Wednesday) Living Arts Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss (60 minutes)
Day 9 (Thursday) Denise Austin Power Kickboxing (40 minutes)
Day 10 (Friday) Rest Day
Day 11 (Saturday) Tae Bo Capture the Power (Power) (46 minutes)
Day 12 (Sunday) Hip Hop Abs Ab Sculpt (25 minutes) + Mini Stepper (10 Minutes)
Day 13 (Monday) Rest Day
Day 14 (Tuesday) Buns of Steel 4 Super Advance Workout (40 minutes)

Hopefully I will be able to continue the momentum this week.


June 2011 30 Day Fitness Challenge:Day 3, 4, and 5 Recap

Continuing to move forward with this challenge and I honestly can't believe I'm already on Day 6. Tomorrow I will post my workout schedule for Week 2 although it is a bit odd that my week starts on a Wednesday.  Anyway, I've been doing pretty good eating wise although it is hard sometimes especially with the recent holidays and leftovers (BBQ is healthy right?).

Day 3 was my rest day and I definitely enjoyed it.  After doing my yoga workout in the morning, I spent the rest of the day going to yard sales and shopping.  I ended up picking up a pedometer and a yoga video from a local store called Dirt Cheap for only $.20 each brand new.  I also bought a Denise Austin kickboxing video for $.50 at a local yard sale.

Day 4 was the first time that I've worked out to Turbo Jam.  I actually enjoyed it and it was a good workout although I still love my Tae Bo....which brings me to Day 5.

Day 5- Tae Bo Capture the Power Strength Video.  This month I've been trying to focus on conditioning and strength training so I'm not sure if I will be able to meet my weight loss goal for this month.  I think the fact that  I did not pass out after I finished this workout shows I'm making progress lol.

Day 6- I thought that today was a workout day for some reason.  Anyway,  I woke up pretty early this morning and got my Pilates workout out of the way.  Even though today is a rest day, I still love the idea of doing some type of stretching routine to help increase my flexibility.

I have some old Buns of Steel videos that I brought on Ebay (duo VHS and DVD players=awesome) that I might dust off this week.  Last month I did an aerobic step Legs of Steel workout that was amazing.

Feel feel to comment below on your progress this month.


June 2011 30 Day Fitness Challenge Week 1 Workout Schedule and Day 1 and 2 Recap

So far I have had a great start with this challenge.  I feel umm...sore but in a good way and hopefully my efforts with pay off at the end of the challenge.  Initially I wasn't going to do a workout schedule, but I think it helps me to plan everything ahead of time.  It eliminates the chances of me scrambling to find something to do to at the last minute.  I also like to schedule in my rest days to since they are something to look forward to.  This week I'm trying something new by doing a Yoga or Pilates workout on my rest days.  I've done the Denise Austin  Power Yoga Workout before and it gives the body a GREAT stretch.

Week 1 Workout Schedule
Day 1 (Wednesday) Shaun T Hip Hop Abs Fat Burning Cardio (30 minutes)
Day 2 (Thursday) Tae Bo Cardio Workout (44 minutes)
Day 3 (Friday) Rest Day [Denise Austin Power Yoga (20 minutes)]
Day 4 (Saturday) Turbo Jam Punch, Kick, and Jam (50 minutes)
Day 5 (Sunday) Tae Bo Capture the Power Strength Workout (46 minutes)
Day 6 (Monday) Rest Day [Denise Austin Power Pilates (20 minutes)
Day 7 (Tuesday) Mini Stepper (35 minutes)

Day 1 & 2 Recap
It has been forever since I did a Hip Hop Abs workout.  At first I wasn't really into it so I decided to put on some Beyonce (it helps to drown out the Shaun T) and I ended up having a pretty good workout.  My stomach is still a bit sore (not in a bad way though since I can tell it was from working out my core).   I do plan on working out some more to Hip Hop Abs since it is fun compared to a lot of the workouts that I have tried in the past.

Today I did the Tae Bo Cardio Workout.  I will admit it- I like Tae Bo.  It always gives me a great workout and it the intensity is always there.  I hate wasting my time exercising to 30 or 40 video where I don't feel any impact (I judge my workouts by how hard my heart pumps and how much I sweat) even though I know I worked hard.  For the most part, Tae Bo never disappoints me.   I'm not sure if it was because it's been a while since I did this video or what, but it definitely challenged me today.  Looking forward to my rest day tomorrow.

Feel free to comment below and share your progress this month.


I know, I know.........I said no more challenges but................

.............I couldn't resist especially because they help to keep me accountable.

Here are the rules for June's 30 Day Fitness Challenge.

1.  Workout 5 days a week for at least 35-40 minutes with 2 rest days.

2.  Drink at least 8 bottles of water (64 ounces of water) each day.

3.  My daily calorie target is 1200-1500 calories.

4.  I will check in twice a week and do my weigh-ins on Day 1, Day 15, and Day 30.

5.  My goal is to lose 8 pounds for the month.  I'm not sure what I will get if I meet my goal- maybe another Tae Bo dvd (uh maybe not lol ).

6. The only restriction that I have is NO EXCUSES.  The focus of this challenge is to help me develop consistency and keep my body moving.

So far I have gotten a jumpstart on my workouts for the month.  I have been doing a lot of aerobic stepper workouts (and sweating) during the past few days.  I plan on keeping the momentum going especially because I have a maxi dress that I can't wait to wear.


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