Website of the Week #2: SparkPeople

Did I mention that this is another website that is absolutely free to join?

Overview:  I had heard a lot about this website prior to joining.  Hands down, this is one of my favorite health and nutrition websites.  Calorie Counter is a lot more than a place where you can look up the nutrition labels of over 220,000 foods.  It features easy to prepare recipes that are organized by category (breakfast, lunch, snacks, and etc.) that are also displayed with nutritional information.  It also has a tool that lets you know how many calories you have burned from exercising and an abundant amount of dieting success testimonials and articles.

Positives:   This website focuses on both your physical health and your mental health.  Just like the previous website the I posted, this one will create a personalized profile for you based on your age, height, weight, and medical conditions.  Another thing that I like about this website is that it also allows new members to select three different goals that they want to work on each week.  The site also allows you to join various groups and set up a personalized page where you can blog and share your results.  One thing that surprised me about this website is its meal plan option.  It actually allowed me to slightly customize a few of the things that I did not want to have included which was a pleasant surprise.  

Everything about this website is refreshing.  The user dashboard features a wheel that you spin that gives you points for logging in and participating on the website.  There is also a calorie burner tracker, calorie intake tracker, saved recipes folder among other goodies.  Overall, I have been very impressed with this website and I can't wait to explore it some more.
Negatives:  There really aren't any so far.

You'll love this website if........…you are looking for a dieting or healthy lifestyle website that has it all- calorie counting, support forum, healthy recipes, nutritional advice, and so much more.  There are numerous of support groups to join based on location, age, education, parental status, and etc.

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