Hardcore Motivated: I Refuse to Fail

Losing weight is just like any other war- full of numerous battles distinguished by successes and failures. 

Even though I know that I shouldn't, I have a bad habit of weighing myself multiple times a day.  I have a bathroom scale that is posted outside of my bedroom doorway.  I hop on and I hop off.  Each time hoping to see a number that reflects the amount of effort that I am giving.

A few minutes ago I got on the scale and for the first time in awhile the number went up.  My heart sank and skipped a beat for a few seconds.  And yet, instead of feeling like giving up like I have done so many times before- I made a declaration to myself to CONTINUE working harder. 

Last week I found myself binging on junk food.  I felt so ashamed and embarrassed because it felt like a setback.   I definitely have days when I feel like the world is against me and I'm about to be swallowed up.  But despite the doubts that I had in my own mind, I got up the next morning to workout.  I know that the only way that I am going to be able to succeed is if I continue on.  Like a phoenix rising out of ashes, I will continue to rise.  I refuse to fail.

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