30 Day Tao Bo Challenge- Day 1

Video- Tae Bo Basic Workout

This workout is only about 25- 30 minutes long, but I was definitely surprised by how good of a workout it was.  I definitely challenged myself to give it 100% and it showed when I was done.  The only thing that I will do from now on is not eat before I workout (definitely inhibits things). 

For anyone who is unfamiliar with this particular video, it is a basic workout consisting of mostly kicks and punches that most beginners to the Tae Bo series can do.  The only things that I dislike about this particular exercise video are that the graphics are a bit cheesy (especially when Billy Blanks asks everyone to do the moves in double time) and the fact that well...Billy wears an ankle length blue spandex leotard throughout the video. 

I know that I should be focusing on working out, but seriously what was he thinking?

Tomorrow's video is the Tae Bo Inspirational Workout which is my favorite out of all of the videos that I currently own.  It is a lighter workout (in my opinion) that should be perfect to do in between the Tae Bo Basic Workout and the Tae Bo Advanced Workout.

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