30 Day Tae Bo Challenge Week 4 and 5 Workout Schedule and Other Thoughts

Last week, I stopped doing my Tae Bo Challenge daily posts.  It's not because I've stopped the challenge, it's just it's been hard for me to balance this blog with some of the other things that I have going on.  With that said, I am continuing my challenge full speed ahead until the end of this month.

When I first started this challenge, it was part of a challenge that I had signed up for on an online forum that I am a member of.  After a week or so of that challenge, I found myself being the only posting/participating .  It has been a bit rough embarking on this by myself (especially because a lot of other people are using more popular videos like Zumba and Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred) and due to the boredom factor.  Even though I try to rotate the videos that I do each week, Tae Bo is still Tae Bo and looking at the same people workout each day gets boring.

Day 22 I did the Bootcamp Workout and it felt good to push myself.  I have 8 more days left until I weigh in and I plan on making the most of it.

Week 4 Schedule May 22- May 28
Sunday- Tae Bo Billy's Bootcamp Basic Training Workout
Monday- Tae Bo Strength Workout
Tuesday- Tae Bo Cardio Workout
Wednesday- Rest Day
Thursday- Tae Bo Power Workout
Friday- Tae Bo Inspirational Workout
Saturday- Tae Bo Advanced Workout

Week 5 Schedule May 29-May 30
Sunday - Tae Bo Basic Workout
Monday- Tae Bo Billy's Bootcamp (End of Challenge)

I plan on doing biweekly updates instead of the daily ones since most of the feedback that I have each days sort of ends up being the same.

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