30 Day Tae Bo Challenge: Week 3 Fact Sheet

Week 3:  5/15/11- 5/21/11

Video Schedule:
Sunday- Rest Day
Monday- Tae Bo Inspirational Workout
Tuesday- Tae Bo Basic Workout
Wednesday- Tae Bo Cardio Workout
Thursday- Rest Day
Friday- Tae Bo Billy's Bootcamp Basic Training Workout
Saturday- Tae Bo Power Workout

Reflection on the Previous Week:

Week 2 was up and down for me. I definitely had times where I know I worked hard.  As far as my physical fitness is concerned, I know that my body is not going to transform overnight.  I can already tell a difference in my stamina.  I know that the only way my physical condition is going to continue to improve is if I work hard and exercise.
Day 1 Starting Weight- ??5
Day 14 Current Weight- ??0
Weight Loss Since Start of Challenge- 5 lbs.

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