30 Day Tae Bo Challenge: Week 2 Fact Sheet

Week 2:  5/8/11- 5/14/11
Video Schedule:
Sunday- Tae Bo Basic Workout
Monday- Tae Bo Advanced Workout
Tuesday- Tae Bo 8 Minute Workout
Wednesday- Rest Day 
Thursday- Tae Bo Power Workout
Friday- Tae Bo Strength Workout
Saturday- Rest Day

(Originally, I was thinking about adding another video with the Tae Bo 8 Minute Workout on Wednesday, but I figured it would be better to have a quicker workout considering Monday will be the first time I exercise to the Tae Bo Advanced Workout.)

Reflection on the Previous Week:

Week 1 went okay.  For the most part, I was very motivated during the beginning of the week and I started to lose momentum towards the end.  I definitely think that having rest days built into my workout schedule is helping me.  So far, I have been doing a good job of drinking my goal amount of water each day or close to it.  I did purchase some flavored water but I honestly prefer the taste of regular purified bottled drinking water.  The main thing that I learned this week is NOT to eat anything heavy before I workout.  It really makes getting an intense workout harder for me especially with all of the kicks and punches that are involved in Tae Bo.  Another thing I realized is that my workouts tend to be more productive after a full night of rest.

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