30 Day Tae Bo Challenge- Day 9

Video- Tae Bo Advanced Workout

I'm still recovering from Today's workout.  Today was the first time that I did the Tae Bo Advanced Workout and let me forewarn everyone that the title on this one is 100% correct.  This has been the only Tae Bo video so far that I did not complete the entire workout.  I tried my best but my body could do no more at a certain point.  My body was SWEATING and my heart was PUMPING and overall I did get a great workout. 

The entire video lasts about 55 minutes and I was able to last about 35-40 minutes (not bad).  I can't wait to try this video again to see if I can progress farther.  The main difference between this one and the other workouts that I have tried so far is the pace is so much faster.  There is also not a lot of pauses in between the moves.  Honestly, I think this is perhaps the best Tae Bo Workout I have tried so far since it focuses on working out the entire body.

My legs, arms, and stomach are sore.  Thankfully, tomorrow's workout is the 8 Minute Workout. 

Until Tuesday,


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