30 Day Tae Bo Challenge- Day 17

Video- Tae Bo Basic Workout

I know I say the same thing every day after I finish exercising, but I really do feel great.  This morning I had another glass of the V8 Fusion  Blackberry and Cranberry Juice before I worked out.  I am going to research some good pre-workout snacks today, but honestly I was not very hungry this morning. 

The Tae Bo Basic Workout, in my opinion, does a lot of focusing on the legs, arms, and core.  I kept my stomach contracted during the workout and challenged myself to kick a little bit higher today.  Overall, I am pleased with myself today and hopefully my hard work will show during my next weigh-in on Day 30 of this challenge.

Tomorrow's workout is the Tae Bo Cardio Workout.  I decided to gradually progress the difficulties of my workout this week to get my body readjusted after two days of rest.

Until Wednesday,


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