30 Day Tae Bo Challenge- Day 16

Video- Tae Bo Inspirational Workout

Today I feel great!  I decided to start my workouts this week with my favorite Tae Bo workout and I definitely think it was a great decision.  I had a good workout today.  I did my best to stay focused throughout the video, but I will admit that it was fun for me to be able to keep up with the moves too.

I'm still trying to figure out what to eat before I exercise.  Personally, I know that I have to eat something, especially because I don't like the way it feels when I don't (and also fitness experts say it's best because the body is fasting when we sleep).  I was not very hungry this morning so I decided to drink an 8 oz. glass of V8 Fusion Blackberry and Cranberry Juice.  I'm going to do the same thing tomorrow and see if it becomes a part of my permanent routine since I did not have that "heavy" feeling that I usually get when I eat too much before I workout.  

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