YouTube Workout of the Day #2

Each day, I feature a new YouTube workout video of the day.  The criteria for the video is simple- it must be fun, motivating, easy to do, and........of course something that will help us all get closer to the skinny chick (or guy) inside of us.  In this case, today's video falls under the categories of easy to do and helpful.

Today's video is only 3 minutes long and it showcases a variety of different ways we can warm up our bodies prior to exercising.  Warming up, although a fundamental aspect of the workout process, is sometimes neglected and overlooked.  Not only does warming up and stretching help to get our hearts pumping, but it also reduces the chances of injuries from working out. 

I like this video because it is simple, straightforward, and easy to follow.  I also love the it gives you a lot ideas of warm up exercises to use.

As always, feel free to tell me what you think and share some of your favorite YouTube workout videos in the comment section.

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