Website of the Week #1: Calorie Counter

Did I mention that this website is absolutely free to join?

Overview:  Hands down, this is one of my favorite health and nutrition websites.  Calorie Counter is a lot more than a place where you can look up the nutrition labels of over 220,000 foods.  It features easy to prepare recipes that are organized by category (breakfast, lunch, snacks, and etc.) that are also displayed with nutritional information.  It also has a tool that lets you know how many calories you have burned from exercising and an abundant amount of dieting success testimonials and articles.

Positives:   During the registration process, you answer questions that will help to create a personalized profile that includes your BMI (Body Mass Index) as well as healthy weight ranges for you based on your age and height.  There is also an option that lets you enter your goal weight and the target date you would like to reach it.  Depending up how realistic your goals are, the website will set a limit of how many calories you should eat each day and how many calories from exercising you should burn.

But wait there's more!  This website is also interactive.  You don't have to deal with the hassle of calorie counting.  All you have to do is select a meal and search for the food that you are eating.  The website will automatically calculate the calories, your total number for the day, and a nutritional breakdown of the day (e.g. how much Vitamin C you have eaten).  There is also an option that allows you to enter your own foods that are not already listed on the website and to enter you own recipe.
Negatives:  There really aren't any.  I only wish that the exercises that you select for the calorie burner tracker was less generic.  I would love it if the website had an option for me to select a specific workout video.

You'll love this website if........…you are looking for a dieting or healthy lifestyle website that has it all- calorie counting, support forum, healthy recipes, nutritional advice, and so much more.

Link: http://www.caloriecount.about.com/

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