So Far So Good: 4 Naughty Foods That I No Longer Miss

Here are four foods that I have recently eliminated from my diet that I am not sad to give up.


White Rice- I made the switch to brown rice and haven't looked back yet!

Sodas- It was not that long ago that I used to have an exclusive relationship with carbonated beverages (oh how I loved my beloved Dr. Pepper).  Unfortunately, the fact that a can of these products can contain up to 300 calories had me rethinking the status of our relationship. 

It was not a completely easy process for me.  I found that making gradual changes helped.  I substituted healthier juices for sodas and now I am starting to drink bottled water instead juices.

White Bread-  I decided to try something new one day while doing my weekly grocery shopping and purchased wheat bread instead of white bread.

I hated wheat bread as a child and would never had imagined that I would like it as an adult.  Not only are my sandwiches just as good, but I love the fact that my body is now receiving more nutrients as a result of this simple change.

Regular Italian Dressing-  As odd as this may sound, I am one of those rare people who do not eat Ranch dressing.  I absolutely loathe it. 

My salad dressing of choice is Italian dressing.  Usually, the low fat alternatives never taste as good as the real thing.  After realizing exactly how many calories I was eating, I decided to take a chance on the fat free version of a popular name brand product.  I honestly can't tell the difference and I love the fact that it is healthier for me.

What do you think?  Are there any naughty foods that surprisingly you don't miss?

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