Feeling Discouraged About Lack of Weight Loss- Well Don't Be

Are you working hard but physically not reaping any benefits yet?  Here is a note of encouragement for anyone who is suffering from the frustration.


Even though I know better, I sometimes I feel frustrated from wanting results right now.  The truth is that I gained the weight over time and I will have to lose the weight in a similar manner.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I try to keep my goals simple each day.  I try my absolute best to eat healthy, exercise, and drink water.  Right now I am a member of two different health websites.  One of the websites allows me to track the amount of exercise I do each day and it also gives me a monthly meal plan while the other one tracks the number of calories that I eat and the number of calories that I burn from exercising.
I love both tools but honestly I feel overwhelmed by the time that it takes for me to input all of the information.
I get discouraged because this silly website states that I missing some type of elusive nutrient.  (Dare I say it) A person can only eat so much on a daily basis.
I become overwhelmed because every day this website asks me for my weight when everyone knows that it can fluctuate.

But the truth is, despite how I sometimes feel, I know that everything will still be okay.  I have the rest of my life to perfect things and so do you.

As always, post your thoughts and comments.

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